This is the blog of Eric Swanson, luthier & bowmaker.  He ran his own shop in Chicago for over 20 years.  Eric now splits his time between his home in France and seeing clients out of luthier Whitney Osterud’s shop in the Fine Arts Building in Chicago.

Go to Swansonbows.com to learn more!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! Eric!

    Greetings from London!

    I really enjoyed your site – much sage advice re violins and bows and auctions and things.

    I have been very lucky in bidding for violins at my local auction and would have appreciated your wisdom before I had purchased them.

    Several years ago I bought a job lot of bows for £25 two of which I had rehaired in Hungary (long story!).

    I originally took three but one was bent beyond straightening so the shop suggested they keep it for spares and rehaired one for no charge.

    In the Bodhran playing world one of the best players (John Joe Kelly – he’s on YouTube, have a butchers!) plays his drum with part of a violin bow, and that bundle of bows has produced many Bodhran sticks (terrible waste of pernambuco!) for fellow drum players.

    Anyway thanks again for a great site – I’m off to check my setup measurements now!


    Charlie H

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