Making a Silver Headplate

SilverTip4Here is how I make and install a silver (or gold) head plate.

TipJigThis is an unusual mortise stamp I found years ago.

You don’t have to use one of these, but it is fun.

You can simply drill a hole and trim it to fit later.

TipJig2The silver plate fits into the slot.

TipJig3Hit the die with a hammer and, voila, a clean-cut tip mortise!

SilverTip3I bend the tip in a vice, score the glue surfaces

on the silver and the ebony, glue with medium CA (Super Glue),

and hit it with a spray of Insta-Set once everything is lined up.

SilverTip1You can pre-trim the silver more than I did if you like.

I just use a jewlers saw and cut the excess silver,

file and polish.  I like to add what I call “Faux Pins”

in the head.  These are silver pins that go through the silver

only into the ebony of the head plate.  These pins help

 keep the silver attached, but do not damage the pernambuco

of the head by causing pin-cracks.