Mondo Musica NYC 2014

imageI’ve been in New York City over the last few days to attend the second annual Mondo Musica International Strings Trade Show and Seminar. Located in a humid basement space in crowded, touristy Soho, the show is comprised of makers, dealers, and suppliers who have paid to be present.

We browsed thru the different booths and met a few bow makers including the Nehr brothers from France, Joe Regh, and Eric Gagne from Canada. The American Federation of American Violin and Bow Makers was also present with a load of instruments and bows by some some of their members. We purchased a nice Pedi 2-bow case from the folks at Nova Strings. You can see a complete listing of all the exhibitors at:

On Thursday, Isaac Salchow gave a good talk called The Bows of Eugene Sartory. Bill Salchow was on hand to watch his nephew (he nodded off later in the lecture). Isaac is working on a Sartory book (publishing date unknown) and went thru the history of the maker’s craftsmanship using branded exhibition bows as a chronological guide. The short talk included slides and a discussion of Satory’s construction and stylistic approaches. Keep an eye out for the book because there really isn’t a good, complete reference book on Sartory believe it or not.

Friday morning, we headed up to 250 W. 54th Street to inspect the bows for Tarisio’s May auction. I’ve written a complete essay on auctions and after seeing numerous condition issues on some of the bows I examined I can only warn you to always carefully look at each item you plan on bidding on as well as ask to read a condition report. It’s up to you to do your due diligence. Please read the following from the Tarisio website under “Condition Report” near the bottom of the page.

Next we head up to Boston for the Skinners musical instrument auction. Hopefully we will find some great inventory to bring back to Chicago!


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